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The cold seasons in New England ensure that you and your family will need a considerable amount of heating oil in order to remain comfy all throughout the winter months.

Had a recent run out? You and your family need a reliable supply. That’s where McKee Brothers Energy Solutions can help. We’ll give you the real reasons for automatic heating oil delivery to help you stay equipped with all you need and ensure you never have to stress about having enough fuel oil.

We know that blizzard conditions and extended storms can often leave you without a way to get oil. Once you’ve decided to join our automatic heating oil delivery and monitoring program, you’ll never have to get stuck without fuel oil again.  We’re always there for you, ANYTIME, ANY WEATHER !                       .

No worries – Be honest, most of us are busy during the winter months. Between the holidays, work, family, school events and birthdays, we all could easily forget when our next heating oil delivery should be. Let McKee Bros help ease your busy life with Automatic Deliveries. Let us do the worrying!

Never Run Out– McKee Bros uses the latest technology to calculate your annual fuel usage,  plus we’re continuously monitoring day-to-day temperature fluctuations to ensure you never get caught in the cold.

  1. No need to monitor yourself– Watching your tank level is about as much fun as watching grass grow. For those with underground tanks, “sticking” the tank in the middle of winter, under a few feet of snow is something you’ll appreciate not having to do.
  2. No false readings– Typical gauges can fail without notice and become stuck and give you incorrect readings. Don’t fall victim to a faulty oil gauge and be left feeling the chill or worst, frozen pipes.

It’s easy– Sign up by calling 401-723-1100 and talk to one of our helpful Customer Service Specialist or go to https://mckeeenergyservices.com/request-service/ to start creating an account.

  *To make things even easier, Try our FREE SMARTPAY BUDGET*

         *SmartPay Budget- with automatic fuel deliveries. Spread out your annual fuel usage over 10 months and add any of our service plans.