Oil vs. Gas and the Future

Oil vs. Gas and the Future

It’s always a good idea to think about the long-term when making any household decision. The oil vs. gas debate is definitely worthy of consideration for the people thinking about the future.

1. Oil is more widely available than natural gas, which may keep people limited in terms of their location.

If people want to use natural gas in order to heat their homes, they have to be in locations that have the necessary consistent natural gas supplies. This is less likely to be a problem for the people who use oil. People who use natural gas might have to be careful about where they move.

2. A furnace that uses oil might add value to a home.

In the United States, the homes that are heated with natural gas are still somewhat more common than the homes that are heated with oil. A home that has an oil furnace will automatically stand out more in the real estate market.

3. Burning natural gas creates incredibly powerful greenhouse gases.

The natural gas that people will use to heat their homes is composed of methane. According to some estimates, methane is even worse than carbon dioxide when it comes to its long-term impact on the environment. This difference will be particularly pronounced over the course of the century.

Modern heating oil is now often being combined with biodiesel material, making it more sustainable and better for the environment than it was historically. Natural gas has more of a negative environmental impact than oil at this point in time, even without taking into account the ways in which oil might change in the future.

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