The oil vs. gas debate has been going on for a long time with regards to household heating options. Oil certainly has a lot going for it. People should really think about all of the benefits associated with using oil to keep their homes warm.

1. Oil is less risky to store in a household than other types of fuel.

Since oil lacks carcinogens, keeping quantities of oil stored away is much safer than it would be otherwise. This is a type of fuel that is significantly less toxic than many of its competitors.

2. Accidents involving natural gas are surprisingly common.

Natural gas is a highly explosive material. That makes it inherently risky by any standard. It’s hard to estimate just how many household fires can be traced to the use of natural gas in household heating, but it’s certainly a widespread problem. The combustion of oil only occurs within the furnace.

3. People will have fewer problems with indoor air quality when they use oil to heat their homes.

Households that are heated with oil will not experience carbon monoxide leaks. People will have to cope with a lot of toxic fumes when they use other types of fuel to heat their homes.

When heating systems fueled by oil do have issues, it’s usually obvious. There will be certain noises or odors that will send a clear message. If that happens, people can get in touch with McKee Energy Solutions in order to get the heating system fixed. People who have heating systems fueled with oil shouldn’t run into any problems as long as they get those systems regularly maintained.