Homes around the Rhode Island area are heated both by natural gas and home heating oil. However, these two fuels are quite different. They have different qualities, standards and economic considerations. When choosing between these two, it is best to be informed about the choice.

First of all, oil is far more plentiful globally and is even gaining in volume in the US. The price of heating oil in the US is actually lower than it was in 1980 when adjusted for inflation. On the other hand, natural gas has risen in price during that time period.

There have also been great strides in the technology of both gas and oil, leading to great gains in efficiency. Because oil has been a huge source of heat for several decades now there have been far more advancements. In fact, more US consumers now use oil to heat their homes yet 6 billion fewer gallons are used. This is in part to the federal government mandated AFUE of 78%. Gas is still less efficient than oil and has only seen increased scientific research over the last decade.

Natural gas happens to be a little more dangerous than heating oil. As a gas, it is harder to control and contain. Home heating oil has also been modified to be much safer, a lit match dropped in oil will actually go out.

Lastly, heating oil has many full service options for portability, deliverability and modification that effect the price and consistency. In contrast, gas comes in fewer varieties with fewer choices.

Overall, it seems heating oil is the best option. For those making the choice to obtain home heating oil in Rhode Island, McKee Energy Solutions is the top provider. The firm is well-known for its speed, quality and affordability.