Gas Boiler Repair & Replacement: Problems to Look Out for and Considerations

Anyone with a gas boiler in need of repair or replacement should consider themselves smart owning this heating unit. That’s because gas boilers are the most efficient heating methods a household can use. Nevertheless, these boilers need maintenance annually, and it has to be done by a professional in order to run optimally. Despite the efficiency, the boiler itself is an expensive item that has many complex parts that need servicing. Neglecting to check those things could potentially put someone’s home and family in danger.

Technicians at McKee Energy Solutions are established experts in maintaining gas boilers. Take a look at the things they look out for to keep these boilers running smoothly and safely.

Checking for Carbon Monoxide

This is the first thing all gas boiler maintenance should check for considering carbon monoxide is possible if pipes are clogged. It’s a good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector in the location of a boiler in the event co2 ever does happen. Without one, it’s well known how dangerous carbon monoxide can be.

Checking for Clogged Pipes and Pressure Gauge

Sometimes something as simple as accumulated dust can clog the pipes in a boiler. The same might happen to households where water containing more hardness can clog the piping due to debris. This can be scoped out and all clogs eliminated.

Similarly, pressure gauge is checked and issues are fixed if the pressure gets too high. Usually, opening the relief valve will take care of this, though not always.

Problems could be occurring because a gas boiler is simply too old. After a number of years, the fuel utilization efficiency rating starts to dip considerably. The older it gets, efficiency could dip down to the upper 50% range. All the power-saving a family used to enjoy will start to disappear in this scenario. That’s when it’s time to consider a replacement.

Things to Consider with a Replacement

Energy Star points out that a person should always look for their label on a gas boiler to ensure it’s going to be an efficient brand. Ones with the Energy Star label have an efficiency rate of 85% or higher, which is where every household always wants to be.

Keep in mind that when buying a new boiler, a household should also take the size of the unit seriously. Depending on the size of a room and overall house, a family may need a larger boiler in order to heat a larger expanse. At McKee Energy Solutions, they’ll make sure the size is just right so it gives households the most efficiency as well as assuring indoor air stays clean.

Contact us if repairs on a gas boiler are needed, or if the boiler needs to be replaced due to age. The company guarantees the best heating units and repair service in Rhode Island.