Emergency Heat Repair/Service: Tips to Avoid Disaster During Winter Months

So far, Winter 2014 has been brutal for New England, and experts are predicting arctic temperatures to hold steady for at least a few more months. If your furnace is on its last legs, or your heating system isn’t working up to snuff, now is the time to contact your HVAC professional for repairs or a heating system check up.

Because your heating system is working overtime to keep your home warm and comfortable, you may run into sudden issues that can create an emergency situation. Choosing an HVAC company that offers Emergency Heat Repair/Service is important to you and your families safety during this especially frigid winter season.

Tips To Avoid Winter Heating Emergencies

  • Schedule routine maintenance: Scheduling routine maintenance of your furnace and boiler can help you avoid costly repairs during the winter months. Maintenance can include but is not limited to cleaning or replacement of furnace filters, coil cleaning, and inspection and cleaning of ductwork.
  • Keep your system free of debris: Make sure vents are clean and free of debris and pet hair buildup, also routinely clean the area beneath hot water heaters and furnaces or anywhere air flow to the furnace may be obstructed.
  • Pay attention to thermostat settings: Make sure your heat is turning on at the proper temperature setting and runs consistently. In addition, make sure the thermostat batteries are changed regularly.

For continual support and maintenance, McKee Energy Solutions offers service plans to ensure your home comfort 365 days a year. These service plans have been designed as an economical solution to help you and your family avoid winter emergencies and keep your equipment running at its top efficiency level year round.

Since 1900, the Mckee family has devoted their time and expertise to the residents of Rhode Island. For more information regarding your home HVAC system’s maintenance or for emergency services, please contact us.