Top Advantages to A/C Ductless Split Systems

Whether your old air conditioning is in need of replacement or you always wanted an A/C system but your home lacks the ductwork needed to install Ait, now is the time to consider Ductless Split Systems. A ductless split system allows your HVAC professional to install an air conditioning system in your home or business sans the ductwork.

Ductless split systems rely on 2 main components to operate. One is installed inside a wall within the home or building to deliver cold air; the other is mounted securely outside the house to generate air for the system. The system is connected using a pair of refrigerant lines, one delivers the necessary electricity to the unit and the other carries away condensate water. The system is controlled using a thermostat and the air is circulated through the building using a quiet blower unit.

Top Benefits of Ductless Split System A/C

  • High Efficiency: Since the system is ductless, is loses less cooling energy as the air travels throughout the building. This reduction can result in less than 5% energy loss in some cases. This is significant when comparing possible 40% loss when using a traditional forced air system.
  • Temperature Zoning: The ductless system can be turned on or off and be set to temperature in multiple areas within the building with the press of a button or the use of a remote control.
  • No Ducts: This means less maintenance and easier installation. Duct systems of traditional central air conditioning systems require proper periodic maintenance, otherwise energy loss can result due to leaks or breaks in ductwork. In addition, ductwork installation can be complicated, taking more than a week to install in some cases. Most ductless split systems can be installed in 1-3 days depending on the size of the building.

If you are interested in having a ductless split system installed in your home or office, please contact the HVAC professionals with McKee Energy Solutions. We proudly serve the residents of Rhode Island.