Fuel For Thought: Have You Tried Heating Oil?

Heating oil has become one of the top choices to heat a home. Heating oil is safe, efficient, and it does not have any negative effects on the environment when installed correctly. Heating oil is also very comfortable. As with anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to using heating oil for your home. Although, many homeowners give high marks and high praise for heating oil.


One of the benefits of heating oil is the safety. Heating oil will not burn while sitting; it has to be heated above 140 degrees before it can burn. If there are any malfunctions on the burner, there will be visible signs or warnings. Carbon monoxide leaking from the heating oil system rarely happens without some sign or warning. One of the warning sings of a malfunction can be a sign of smoke. If you see smoke or soot, something may be wrong. Also, heating oil is not explosive until it is vaporized.

Another advantage of heating oil has to do with how it performs. A home that is heated with oil can create a warm environment quicker than electricity or gas. Many new heating systems have reduced releasing puffbacks because they are much cleaner.

There are homes that do not have access to other heating methods; and these homes have to utilize heating oil. There are pipes that direct the oil to the home from a containment unit.


Generally, oil prices are much lower than electric-based heat. When converting from an old gas furnace to a heating oil system, heating costs will see a great reduction. Heating a home with oil is a very cost-efficient way to create warmth in bigger homes.

If you need a cost-efficient heating method to warm your home during the cold weather; heating oil will be a great choice. McKee Energy Solutions can provide the great service you need to keep you or your family warm and cozy.

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