With the end of heating season weeks away, it is still of great importance for every household and business in Rhode island to have an established plan of action in the event of a heating emergency. Even into April, nighttime temperatures can dip well below freezing here in the Northeast, making the immediate and reliable availability of indoor heat of primary importance. 

Many people incorrectly assume that a potentially serious interruption in their oil heating system can’t happen either since they have consistently had their heating unit cleaned, or because their furnace is relatively new. While having the heating unit serviced on a regular basis is essential for optimal heat efficiency, having an emergency plan of action to address a situation in which the heat flow either stops or is greatly diminished is also essential. In reality, planning for one of those “what if” scenarios is one of the most responsible actions a home or business owner can take.

The good news is that preparing for emergency furnace care can be as simple as knowing who to call when you need fast response and expert service. Whether you furnace is new and running great or older and showing signs of inefficiency, McKee Energy Services is ready to meet all of your furnace installation & repair needs. Taking the small step of having our contact information both stored in your cell phone, and having it posted in a prominent place in the home or office, such as on a refrigerator or bulletin board is a wise decision that can help immeasurably if the heat stops working and you are feeling distressed.

For more information about the oil heating services we can provide to keep your home or office warm, contact us today!