2 Vital Maintenance Tasks McKee Can Perform For You

2 Vital Maintenance Tasks McKee Can Perform For You

Many people put off furnace maintenance until their procrastination eventually leads to breakdowns and even more expensive repairs. This behavior is often tied to a lack of understanding about what an HVAC technician can do to keep your residential furnace running strong. If you would like to learn more about the kinds of maintenance tasks that McKee Energy Solutions regularly perform, read on. This article will discuss two ways they can optimize your furnace’s performance.

Fuel Nozzle Inspection 

All furnaces contain a fuel nozzle, regardless of whether it runs on gas or oil. This nozzle’s job is to disperse the incoming fuel, thus allowing it to mix more thoroughly with the air. This is necessary in order to achieve the most thorough combustion possible.

The problem is that, over time, a fuel nozzle acquires a layer of gunk and grime. This is the natural result of all that fuel passing through it. Unfortunately, such build up tends to have a deleterious effect on the functioning of the nozzle. It may either restrict the entry of fuel or make it more difficult to disperse evenly. As a result, efficiency will plunge, and your fuel bills will shoot up.

The furnace technicians at McKee Energy Solutions understand that it is important to inspect, clean, and if necessary replace the fuel nozzle regularly. In this way, the performance of your furnace can be kept at peak condition.

Burner Tube Cleaning 

Gas furnaces are subject to another problematic source of build up inside of the burner tubes. Eventually these can become so clogged up that the one or more of the burner tubes ceases to function. As you can imagine, this causes the efficiency of the furnace to nose dive. Thus it is vital that the tubes be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

If your furnace is in need of some maintenance attention, please don’t hesitate to contact Rhode Island’s premier HVAC experts at McKee Energy Solutions.

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