Since it is responsible for keeping your home safe and warm, your furnace is the most important appliance that you own. While furnaces can be very reliable and dependent, it is still important that you have it serviced regularly. There are several reasons why you should have your furnace serviced professionally before the start of every winter season.

Ensures Efficiency

When a furnace is serviced, the technician will go through the process to ensure that it is clean and working efficiently. They will be able to complete a variety of checks to test the temperature, draft intensity from the blower, and functionality of the pilot lights and belts. Based on the evaluation, the technician will be able to make any necessary repairs. This will help to ensure that the furnace will be functional when you need it the most.


While it is important to have the furnace tested to ensure that it is working efficiently, an inspection will also confirm that it is safe to use. The technician will complete a battery of tests on the pilot light and igniter and test for the presence of carbon dioxide. This will help to confirm that it is safe to turn on and that it is not leaking any poisonous fumes.

Prevent More Expensive Issues

A furnace inspection can also help to prevent more expensive issues. Many smaller problems with a furnace can quickly grow and develop into more costly replacements and repairs. By having an inspection completed annually, you will be able to avoid some of these more significant costs by completing repairs before they develop further.

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