The winter causes many people to hibernate in their homes until the sun comes out again. During the winter, homeowners pay close attention to their heating system and how it is operating because they want to make sure they stay as warm as possible. Unfortunately, many heating problems arise during the winter for various reasons. One of the main reasons homeowners have heating problems in the winter is due to dirty filters.

Dirty filters are not an uncommon issue in the winter, and these dirty filters can be caused by different sources. Understanding the root of the problem will come down to distinguishing exactly while the problem happened in the first place.

Colder Weather

Have you been running your heating system longer than you usually do? It is important that you remember that your heating system filters will generally become blocked when you are using it on a consistent basis. When your heating system is running, the air gets cycled through the entire filter because your heating furnace will run more heating cycles.

The Quality of Your Filters

When it comes to filters, there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to the quality. Some furnace filters are created to only be used for one month at a time. I full month can pass by quicker than you think, and this means sometimes homeowners forget to change their air filters. If a certain period of time goes by and you cannot remember when your furnace filter was changed, it will be a good idea to change your filter as soon as you can.

If you are running your home’s furnace more than usual during this time of the year, if your filters are on the lower-quality end, and if the quality of your home’s indoor air is poor or contaminated, you can experience a variety of problems.

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