The furnace is one of the most important appliances in your home. Today, most home furnaces run on either natural gas or heating oil. While some people may prefer natural gas furnaces, there are many reasons why a furnace that uses heating oil is a better option.


With the rising costs of energy continuing to impact many different people, finding a way to reduce energy bills is very important. For those that are on a budget, a heating oil furnace can be a great option as they are far more efficient. By converting from a natural gas to heating oil furnace, you could quickly see a 15% reduction in your overall energy bills due to the improved efficiency.


Another reason why heating oil is a better option than natural gas is because heating oil is safer. Fuel oil is not nearly as explosive as natural gas and it also can only be ignited through the use of an advanced system. While all furnaces today are far safer than they were in the past, the risks associated with heating oil furnaces are much lower than natural gas.

Warmer and Cozier

Ultimately, the reason that people have a furnace is to ensure that their home is able to stay warm during the colder months of the year. A heating oil furnace has a flame that burns up to 300 degrees warmer than natural gas. This allows the furnace to heat your home more quickly and retain a warm temperature during the cold winter season.

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