5 Signs Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Needs a Repair

It is natural for homeowners to want to keep all their home appliances in tip top shape. They are a big investment and extending the life of them helps in a big way. Your central air conditioning unit is one of these appliances. Understanding how it works and if it needs repairs will help keep it running efficiently so your home stays cool. Below are a five signs that your unit needs repairs.

Water leak

As your central air conditioning unit forms condensation, this moisture buildup is ushered away through the drain tube. Should this drain tube break or get blocked, water will pool up near your system. Also, if you notice water leaks or ice forming on your system, it is time to call in the professionals for a repair.

Airflow is Limited

If you notice weak airflow coming through the vents, this could indicate a broken AC system blower fan. Blocked ductwork and other issues could be the problem and would require an HVAC repairman to check it out.

Strange Smells

If you notice pungent or foul odors coming from your central air conditioning unit vents, this typically indicates a wire installation burn out in your system. Smells that are musty are likely mold growing inside your system or in the ductwork and should be handled promptly.

Large Amounts of Dust

Harmful air or dust particles are supposed to be filtered out through your AC unit. That is what it is designed to do. However, if you begin noticing an increase in dust in your household, you might have problems with ductwork leaks or worse, your unit could be starting to fail.

Not Running Normal

Problems can differ between air conditioners which makes it more important to take notice of anything that does not seem normal with your particular system. For example, if you notice unusual sounds coming from your unit or if it is excessively louder than normal, this could indicate a problem.

Many central air conditioning repairs are fairly easy, but it is always a good idea to have a professional HVAC look into the problem to avoid more serious issues later on. Smaller problems, if not taken care of immediately, can turn into much larger problems that could lead to needing an entire unit replacement. If nothing else, keeping your unit maintained and free of issues will keep it running efficiently and help you to save money.

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