Central Air Conditioning Repair vs. Replacement

Maintaining your central air conditioning system is important to ensure safe and efficient operation, and to avoid unnecessary costly repair and/or replacement. But there comes a point in time where replacement is often necessary. When deciding between repair and replacement, there are several important factors to take into consideration.

Key Factors to Take Into Consideration

When comparing repair and replacement, consider these factors:

Maintenance: How often has the central air conditioning system been maintained?

Repairs: How often does it seem that you’re making repairs to your cooling system?

Age: How old is the system?

Efficiency: How efficient is the system?

Operation: Does the cooling system it operate effectively when maintained routinely?

Cost: Will it cost you more in the long-run with high-energy bills and to continue making repairs compared to investing in a new system?

The General HVAC Rule of Thumb

The general rule of thumb regarding cooling units is to make a replacement once the unit reaches 10 years of age. This is because once the unit reaches the maximum age of its life expectancy, people tend to experience problems. However, each unit is different.

If your unit seems to work efficiently, safely, and effectively with routine servicing and maintenance, “play it by ear.” But don’t wait until you’re experiencing problem-after-problem to make a replacement.

When comparing the two, repair and replacement, take all of these important factors into consideration. This will help you to decide whether it would be more beneficial to make a repair or to go ahead and replace the air conditioning system.

As long as you keep your central air conditioning system maintained regularly, your HVAC technician will let you know if, and when it’s time for replacement.

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