Many of us are just enjoying the summertime and all the great activities and events that come along with the warm weather…It is also import to remember that it is peak hurricane season.

Here’s how to minimize storm damage.


Flashlight-Not-Working-on-iPhone Put together or restock your disaster kit. Flashlights, batteries & candles.


tree Trim trees and limbs to keep you and your property safe.


2515-200 Fill your gas cans and propane tanks.


65869-200 Bring lawn furniture, trash cans, grills and other non secure items inside. If there’s no extra room indoors, its best to secure and tie down those fixtures.


47501Cover windows with 5/8- inch plywood that’s cut to size and ready to install, to help reduce property damage.


mixture_wall_fixture_stir-512 Refill prescriptions and get cash from ATM’s.


normal_ian-symbol-portable-generator Generators are not necessary, though its great to have if your in a rural area and typically your property is the last to have power restored.


009-512Charge your cell phones and other electronics in case you lose power.


68321Park your car in a safe location to protect from wind and flying debris.


2133-200Fill sinks,tubs and clean containers with water.


Be safe and have all emergency numbers available.  Always know your towns evacuation route.