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Three Benefits Of Regular Water Heater Maintenance

One- Stay On Top Of Problems

Staying proactive, you can stop water heater issues before they even occur. Ask a McKee Bros plumbing Pro while at your home to familiarize you with common problems, so you always know when to proactively call a McKee Pro for help. We suggest making it common practice to be on the lookout for leaks both large and small, and schedule a professional inspection on a yearly basis to verify your findings.

Two- Save Money & Resources

Regular routine water heater maintenance can reduce heat loss by as much as 45%. When your unit works more efficiently, you’ll save a considerable amount of money on utility costs. When it comes to energy-efficiency, quick fixes and modifications will allow for the least wasteful use of heat and water, lessening the environmental footprint your Hot-water heater leaves behind.

Three- Improve the over-all Life Of Your Water Heater

An investment as large as a water heater is not something any of us want to do on a regular basis. Fortunately, by practicing routine maintenance like removing sediment, changing anode rods can improve the lifespan of this important piece of equipment.


To have your Hot water heater professionally inspected for free, contact McKee Bros, Cumberland Rhode Island. They offer thorough plumbing evaluations to homeowners & small businesses throughout RI & S.E Mass area. Call (401)723-1100 to schedule an appointment today. You can also follow them on Facebook , Twitter  & Instagram for more information about their services. When your water heater gets the attention it deserves, you can rely on its functions for years to come.