Whether having a furnace or boiler, converting your oil-fired heating system to a gas-powered heating unit offers myriad benefits. Besides, most homeowners consider natural gas an ideal home fuel for boilers and furnaces since it is affordable and efficient. With that, here are reasons to consider converting your unit into a gas-powered heating system.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Natural gas is a clean-burning, as well as an energy-efficient fuel source, allowing homeowners to save up to 50 percent of their heating bills. This allows your boiler or furnace to remain efficient while consuming less energy. When considering an oil to gas conversion to save energy bills, contacting an expert is essential to discuss the conversion.

Boost Home Value

Gas burning home appliances possess several benefits compared to oil; hence, gas furnaces and boilers tend to have a higher market value. Furthermore, gas-powered appliances denote a smart financial decision, making them a must-have for new homes. This means that most homeowners would prefer homes with a gas system to connect to heating units.

Whether selling or reselling your home, oil to gas conversion helps promote your reputation in the real estate market. Typically, it lets your home have a much higher value, enabling you to generate more profits.

Go Green

Natural gas remains the most environmentally friendly source of energy, with reduced air pollution. It is a cleaner-burning fossil that creates a more pleasant home environment. Unlike natural gas, oil can release increased amounts of carbon and soot in the air, raising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, oil to gas conversion enables homeowners to go green, reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide.

At McKee Energy Solutions, we understand the value of oil to gas conversion and the benefits it brings to your home. Our heating system technicians can thus help you convert from oil to gas and enjoy the above benefits. For more information regarding oil to gas conversion, contact us to learn more today!