Gas heating systems are all the rage these days, and with good reason. Gas equipment is cheaper and can do the same work as oil equipment. They are also eco-friendly because a household can avoid greenhouse emissions and deal with their carbon footprint. If a Rhode Island homeowner is thinking of shifting from an oil heating system to gas, here is everything they need to know.

Choose the gas needed

There are two options when it comes to gas heating systems: natural gas and propane. The homeowner needs to decide on the type of gas they’d prefer. Natural gas is more common because of the convenience offered by gas-supply utility companies. Propane is only used when natural gas ceases to be an option. Natural gas is more affordable, cleaner, and more efficient than propane. It burns hotter, giving more heat for less fuel.

Heating equipment conversion

Most people choose to convert from oil to gas when the equipment needs to be replaced. It is inefficient to replace new or gently used oil equipment. The homeowner would have to buy brand new gas equipment. It is crucial to contact a reliable HVAC contractor in Rhode Island for expert consultation on how to convert oil to gas equipment.

Piping and gas infrastructure installation

This is a twofold step, since the homeowner needs to know whether the house has any existing gas piping systems and whether they are suitable for natural gas. They’ll have to find out whether there is a main gas line and a service line. If there is no main line, the best option would be to rally with neighbors and contact a local gas company to install one in their street. Once the main and service lines are in place, the company just needs to turn the gas on.

If there are existing gas piping systems in the house, the homeowner should find out whether they are suitable for natural gas. They can do this by reaching out to a HVAC contractor.

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