Routine central AC tune-ups are important for your unit to run smoothly. If your AC begins acting strange, chances are it’s well overdue for a maintenance check-up. Timely maintenance helps you avoid costly repairs and saves you money on your energy bill. Below are five signs your central air conditioning system is due for maintenance.

Signs your Air Conditioning Unit Requires Maintenance

Here are some signs it’s time to tune-up your AC unit.

1. Doesn’t Cool Properly

If your central air conditioner blows out warm or room temperature air, it’s not fulfilling its main goal of keeping your home cool. There are a few reasons why this could occur and a tune-up can help remedy them. Some reasons might be:

  • You might need to replace the air filters
  • You might need to clean the AC coils
  • Your AC might be low on refrigerant
  • You might have an electrical issue

Whatever the issue is, don’t hesitate to call in a professional HVAC technician to come check it out.

2. Sudden Spike in your Energy Bills

If you’re noticing your utility bills are increasing each month, this is a tell-tale sign your AC is drawing more energy than it should be. This means it’s working a lot harder to do its job and there’s most likely something out of whack with your central AC system.

3. Restricted Airflow

If your AC isn’t generating a substantial amount of cool air or if the air doesn’t circulate sufficiently throughout your house, it’s time for an inspection. This issue could be due to certain issues like clogged filters or blocked ductwork. Having your central AC unit serviced by a professional HVAC technician will help uncover what’s causing the restricted airflow and help resolve the problem.

4. Strange Odors

Your AC shouldn’t be producing any odors. It should only be cooling your home. If you do smell any type of odor, particularly a “smokey” odor, turn off your AC and contact an AC professional right away.

5. Moisture

Excessive moisture around your air conditioner can be a serious issue resulting from leaking refrigerant. If you notice a leak, wet spots or drips, you’ll want to call a professional AC technician to come service your system. Repairing moisture and leaks helps guarantee your AC operates at its fullest potential.

Bottom line, if your central air conditioning unit is experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues or if it’s overdue for maintenance, contact us  here at McKee Energy Solutions to schedule an appointment for one of our professional AC technicians to come to your home to inspect and service it.