Real estate investment, especially if you’re in the rental business for residential or commercial properties, is all about long-term improvements that make good business sense. For example, carpeting that can be quickly changed between tenants or tile flooring that can last several tenants are better options than hardwood flooring. Fixtures that can last through a lot of wear and tear are better than fragile styles that look great but can’t last. The same is true when it comes to the heating systems. The next time you need to replace a furnace or overhaul a new property, choose oil. Here’s why:

Oil heating systems have a much longer lifespan.

If you have properties with natural gas furnaces, you will have to replace them every decade or so, especially if you have tenants that are hard on the system and keep the building too warm in the winter. But oil heating systems and appliances can last at least thirty years. Reduce property calls and emergency repairs by slowly switching all of your properties over to oil-based heaters.

This helps regulate your annual maintenance costs, too. instead of having to work with multiple providers who specialize in electric, natural gas, and oil, you can use one dedicated service provider that gets the job done.

Oil systems are better for the environment, and that’s a great selling point.

Green technology is getting more and more popular, especially as the price point for new advances gets lower. Heating oil creates very few emissions, especially compared to natural gas, and the system is built to contain any soot. If you have residential properties, clean heating can help you corner the market on tenants with asthma and sensitivity to air contaminants. It’s also a great choice for commercial properties if your tenants advertise themselves as green companies. You can even check with your city, county, or state for any applicable tax deductions.

For more reasons to switch to oil, or to start replacing your heaters with oil heating systems, go to McKee Energy Solutions.