If you use oil heat, you should have paid attention to your furnace while it was still only cool outside. The worst time for your furnace to go on the fritz is in the middle of this coming winter’s first snow storm. Here are some signs that your furnace is in not working properly.

You have to put on a sweater in some rooms –  If some areas of your house are colder than others, this is a sign that warm air is not being circulated efficiently.

Your furnace has turned into a percussion instrument – odd noises may include “interesting” pops, rattles, groans, whines or bangs. The only good sound should be that of the blower motor operating smoothly. However, if your blower is constantly turning itself on and off, you have a problem. Having to press “reset” several times a day is also not a good sign.

High energy bills – You have grumbled to your spouse about rising utility bills but have blamed the price of energy. However, the increasing expenditure may be because your furnace is having to “slave away” harder to provide the same output of heat.

Your burner flame is colored yellow – This is not a question of aesthetics – if it’s not blue, this is a bad omen. Your furnace may be leaking dangerous carbon monoxide. Other indicators are soot marks near the furnace, rust patches on the flue pipes, and moisture on cold areas such as walls or windows.


Please contact us before the winter sets in if you think your furnace is failing.