The memory of heavy snows in prior years should have prompted you to arrange for regular checkups and servicing of your heating system. After all, the worst time for something to go wrong with your furnace is when the first storm of this coming winter hits. In addition, you can help your service company with any needed oil delivery by doing the following.

Clear Snow Away From Pipes and Vents

A winter storm has deposited more than a foot of snow on your yard, and your kids are begging you to go sledding with them in the winter wonderland outside. However, it’s more important first to attend to their safety. Vents and pipes blocked by snow and ice can cause carbon monoxide to build up inside your home. So, put on your down jacket, pull on your high boots, grab your shovel, and get on out there.  

Tip – You can help prevent snow buildup by constructing a plywood A-frame over a pipe.  

Clear a Pathway for Your Oil Company

As the white stuff is piling up outside, make sure that your access pipes are clear and accessible for any needed heating oil delivery. Enlist your teenage sons to help, and clear the snow away before the oil tanker arrives. 


If you are experiencing any problems with your furnace, please contact us before winter arrives. And, to keep your furnace running without interruption, sign up for one of our oil delivery service plans. This way your family will stay warm and cozy until spring.