A blowing fuse is an in-your-face problem if it keeps happening. It’s not something you can ignore when you need heat in the winter. If you live in Pawtucket, you need a visit by a heating repairs pawtucket expert to give your furnace a health check. Your furnace is probably blowing its fuse because of one or more of the following problems.

1.  A Dirty Furnace

Without cleaning on a regular basis, grime from various sources (even dead insects) will silently build up inside your furnace. Dirt migrating from the air filter can land on the blower motor. If the fuse itself becomes covered with grime, it will lose its connection and stop working.

2.  Wires Becoming Loose

Vibrations emanating from a working furnace can cause internal wires to loosen, which may result in a short. Finding and adjusting slackened wires is best done by a trained technician.

3.  Components Becoming Old and Worn

Such parts may include the following:

  • Blower Motor: A worn blower motor will tend to pull in too much power which can result in a blown fuse.
  • Starting Capacitor: If you are experiencing intermittent electrical problems, this may mean that the capacitor is beginning to go on the fritz.
  • Transformer: A properly functioning transformer enables your heating system to utilize the correct voltage. If it is ailing and not in optimum working condition, a short could result.
  • Valves: If a valve becomes worn it may not open and close properly, causing it to overheat and create a short.


Instead of risking the blowing of your own fuse by trying to fix your furnace yourself, please contact us. Heating repairs Pawtucket are our specialty.