Is your traditional water heater giving you problems? Have your family members put you in the dog house because they have been subjected to unwelcome cold showers? If so, it sounds as if you might need some expert advice from a heating repairs Cumberland technician.

Here are some signs that your traditional water heater is not working properly and is need of attention.

Yuk! Water is Rust Colored

Brown water coming from your hot water faucet is probably reflecting what the inside of your water tank looks like. The tank needs to be emptied and cleaned.

You are Hearing Weird Noises

No, it’s not the latest in atonal music – the sounds are an indication that a layer of sediment has built up and hardened inside your tank.

You Have Leaks

Even if they seem just “piddling”, leaks should not be ignored. If not fixed, bigger leaks and even flooding will eventually occur.

Water is Not Hot Enough

The cause might be as simple as an unlit pilot light. Or, mineral scale may have built up inside your tank. If the tank has been recently cleaned, the problem may be caused by a broken dip tube.


If you are fed up with tank headaches, it might be time to consider switching to a tankless system. Tankless water heater systems tend to have fewer problems and last longer. If you need heating repairs Cumberland expertise, please contact us. We can troubleshoot your old system or provide you with the latest in a tankless one.