3 Benefits Of Furnace Combustion Analysis

3 Benefits Of Furnace Combustion Analysis

Combustion analysis represents one of the most powerful diagnostic tests used by professional HVAC technicians. In this test, a digital combustion analyzer measures the levels of various substances in your furnace’s exhaust gas. The technician is then able to make beneficial changes. Read on to learn about three ways that such changes can end up benefiting you and your family.

Better Fuel Efficiency

The most immediate benefit of the changes made as a result of combustion analysis is an improved degree of fuel efficiency. You see, the presence of certain substances in the exhaust gas often indicates that effective combustion is not being accomplished. As a result, your furnace technician will make subtle changes in the ratio of fuel and air entering the combustion chamber. This will allow a great percentage of the fuel to be combusted, thus heating your home more effectively while lowering your monthly energy bill.

Fewer Toxic Emissions 

Incomplete combustion leads to the formation of a variety of toxic exhaust gases. These substances, which include sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, have been proven to contribute to environmental issues like smog and acid rain. Combustion analysis will ultimately reduce the presence of such gases in your furnace’s exhaust. That’s because, the more efficiently the fuel is being combusted, the lower the levels of such unwanted substances.

Improved Home Safety

Those toxic exhaust gases do not just pose a threat to the environment, they are also highly dangerous to you and your family. Should your exhaust system develop a hole or a crack, deadly carbon monoxide may begin escaping into your home. In other words, the lower you can get the levels of such gases, the better. Combustion analysis therefore ultimately acts to protect your family’s safety.

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