2 Vital Tasks Performed By Furnace Maintenance Technicians

2 Vital Tasks Performed By Furnace Maintenance Technicians

While it is possible to do basic maintenance work on a number of home appliances, furnace maintenance and repairs are best left to a professional. Yet many people choose to let their furnace remain unserviced for years at a time. If you would like to improve your knowledge about what a furnace repair person can do for you, read on. This article will discuss two important tasks they will accomplish.

Inspect your flue for signs of damage.

Most of the gases present in furnace exhaust are either inert or relatively harmless. Yet this exhaust also contains a certain percentage of highly toxic gases. Perhaps the most dangerous of these is carbon monoxide, which is often referred to as the silent killer. To prevent this deadly gas from getting into your home, it is vital that any cracks, holes, or other forms of damage to your flue be identified and addressed as soon as possible.

A furnace maintenance technician will perform a detailed inspection of your flue. They will check the seams for any cracks, as well as make note of any signs of corrosion. Minor instances of damage may be repaired with special foil tape. However, if they detect more serious issues, it may be necessary to replace a section of the flue.

Give the combustion chamber a good cleaning.

The combustion chamber is where the heat-producing reaction at the heart of your furnace takes place. Here streams of air and fuel come together and are combusted. In addition to the heat produced by this reaction, there are numerous by-products, including carbon dioxide gas, water vapor, and soot.

These substances tend to build up inside of the combustion chamber as time goes on. Once these deposits get serious enough, they can present a fire hazard, as well increasing the chances that corrosion will compromise the integrity of your furnace. Thus it is good to have the combustion chamber cleaned by a furnace technician on a regular basis.

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