There are clear indications that a furnace is in need of repair (such as it’s not producing any heat or it doesn’t even turn on anymore) and then there are less obvious signs a furnace needs fixing. But how can someone know whether or not their furnace might need a tuneup or basic repair? By being familiar with some lesser known signs. In this post, we will take a look at two subtle signs that a furnace is in need of repair.

  1. You Hear Noises in The Night: If at night time when your furnace is on, you start hearing noises like thumping, scratching, or banging, it might be hard to identify the source right away. There is a good chance that it’s coming from the furnace. And if it is, that should be taken as a red flag that something is wrong and a professional should be contacted so they can examine the furnace and take the proper steps to fix it.
  2. Your Energy Bills Are Suddenly Higher: Are your energy bills unexpectedly higher than they normally are? It could have something to do with a broken or rundown furnace, especially if you haven’t used more heating than normal during the month. If you can’t understand what caused your energy costs to spike, have a repairman inspect the furnace to determine what needs to be replaced or fixed so that you don’t have to face astronomical heating expenses anymore.

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