Having your HVAC unit replaced is a normal part of homeownership or long-term rental. Eventually, even a top-performing unit gets old and needs to be replaced. When this happens, it helps to know what to expect from the operation.

How does HVAC unit replacement work?

Replacing your HVAC unit typically starts with a consultation on the end of the old unit. Your HVAC team will then advise on the purchase of a properly sized and newly efficient replacement and offer to provide the replacement service.

During replacement, your old HVAC unit is uninstalled and removed. The area is cleaned, the connectors are checked, and then the new unit is brought in to be installed in its place. When this is through, usually in just a few hours, your new HVAC will be humming along.

How long will it typically take to have your HVAC unit replaced?

Depending on the size and complexity of the job, HVAC replacement typically takes between 4-8 hours, and is usually done in a single day. Replacing a dual-unit system can take up to 14 hours, and sometimes will span over two days.

Does your installer have to replace your ductwork when they replace your HVAC unit?

No, but they can. When your HVAC unit is replaced, the old ductwork is disconnected, and then reconnected to the new unit. However,if your ductwork is decayed or damaged, you can choose to have new ducts installed or even redesigned at the same time.

Does your installer have to replace your thermostat when they replace your HVAC unit?

No, actually. The thermostat is a completely separate little computer that sends signals to heat or cool. While it can be wired in directly, there are also battery-powered thermostats that pop on and off the wall. You can upgrade your thermostat together or separately from replacing your HVAC.

Are there other services with HVAC replacement?

You can choose to have your entire system inspected and cleaned when your HVAC unit is replaced. Duct inspections, duct cleanings, and air balancing (controlling airflow in the ducts for equal air pressure between rooms) are all advisable services to add while installing a fresh new HVAC unit.

If you are in need of an HVAC replacement or need to repair an old HVAC, contact us today. McKee Energy Solutions is here to help