Signs You Should Have Your Air Conditioning Repaired This Summer

Signs You Should Have Your Air Conditioning Repaired This Summer

Now that it is summer, it is important to test your air conditioner and make sure that it is working properly so that it does not die on you suddenly. This is particularly important if you have not run your air conditioner since the previous summer, as you may not know if it is in need of repairs. Here are a few of the signs you can look out for when you run your air conditioner for the first time this summer indicating that your AC is in need of repair.

No Cool Air

One of the most obvious signs that you are in need of repairs is if your AC does not produce any cool air. While it make take a while for your air conditioner to get to temp after sitting all year without being used, it should not still be blowing warm air after several minutes. If this is the case, you will want to have it professionally inspected and repaired.

Poor Airflow

Even if your air conditioner is producing cool air, you may have a problem if it is not producing much air, and seems to have a weak airflow. This likely indicates a problem with your fan, or with the ducting in your home. Even if it is producing cold air, if your AC is not producing enough air, it likely isn’t working as efficiently as it should, and it likely won’t keep you cool enough this summer.

Your AC Constantly Runs

Your AC is also not working very efficiently if it constantly runs. This is a sign that something is very wrong, and you are likely spending more money than you should to cool your home.

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