What Goes Into a Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Check-Up

What Goes Into a Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Check-Up

The April showers are gone and now Rhode Islanders are ready for those May flowers and warm June weather. Spring is in the air and with it comes longer days and rising temperatures. So while it may seem early, now is the best time to call in your local HVAC professionals to schedule an air conditioning maintenance check-up. Having a professional look at it now is a smart idea as it’ll ensure minor kinks to prolong the working life of your equipment and help prevent against it from going haywire during a heat wave.

During a spring maintenance check-up visit, your HVAC technician will generally start with the following items:

  • Inspect your refrigerant levels and recharge as necessary
  • Inspect all electrical components and controls and ensure there are no signs of corrosion or similar damage
  • Inspect evaporator and condenser coils and clean where needed
  • Inspect oil motors
  • Recalibrate thermostat
  • Inspect the condenser
  • Inspect and either clean or replace any air filters

Another component you may want to ask for is an inspection and testing of your ductwork if you have central air conditioning. A ductwork test checks for places where conditioned air is leaking out through gaps or cracks in the air ducts. Once tested, the technician will help you determine the best methods for sealing or otherwise repairing the leaks to increase your central air equipment’s efficiency (thereby saving you a ton in annual energy costs.

For more information about what goes into a spring air conditioning maintenance check-up, or to schedule an inspection, contact us today!

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