To Beat Rhode Island Heat, Choose Ductless AC!

What’s an air conditioning system without ducts to deliver the cool air? Basically, the best way to air condition your place! But how is it different from central air conditioning, and is it really better?

What the name means:

A “mini-split ductless air conditioning system” is compact (mini).

The compressor is outside the home/unit, “split” from the indoor portion, which is where the cool air comes out.

It’s “ductless” because the 2 parts connect through a 2-3″ hole in the wall which is where 2 hoses (or “lines”) go through the wall. These 2 hoses/lines are the way refrigerant and electricity produce the cool air. The outside compressor pumps refrigerant into the inside unit, which then converts it to cold air and delivers it to the room. There are no ducts to transport cooled air through!

So what makes ductless AC so cool (appealing)?

  • The outside unit contains the only noise-producing factor, which is not very loud anyhow.
  • The outside part is also very small which makes locating and concealing it easy.
  • The old window units of yesterday were unsightly and noisy. This system is neither of those.
  • Its simplicity and size make it way less expensive than a central air system.
  • There is no ductwork factor to worry about installing/dealing with.
  • It allows you to choose which areas you’d like cooler than others. Central air conditioning is “one temperature fits all”.
  • A small 2-3 inch hole in the wall is all that’s required to connect the indoor and outdoor units. No ugly vent/exhaust hoses.
  • Last but not least, it operates by a remote, which is also the thermostat! Cool indeed!

Do you want to stay cool this summer?

Of course you do. Then mini-split ductless is the way to go! But as simple as it is, it’s still best left to professionals to install, or at least consult with. If you’re the least bit interested, or already have the system in your home and need repairs, the local experts in the field of MINI-SPLIT DUCTLESS A/C INSTALLATION & REPAIR would love to talk with you. As soon as possible, contact them so you don’t spend even one second sweltering this year!