The windows have been open the past few weeks letting the wonderful breeze waft through the house. But wait…what’s that? The breeze is turning warmer? No, not warmer, hotter! It’s time to close those windows and turn on the air conditioner. The hum of the air conditioning unit begins as you wait to feel the cool air flow through the house.

Still waiting…

And waiting some more…

What is going on? It’s still so hot!!!

You put your hand over the air vent to feel that the air that is entering your home is not cold; instead it is a muggy warm. YUCK!!!

Most of us have experienced something like the above scenario. But what if it’s not that easy? Are there other signs that you need air conditioning repairs?

In addition to no cool air flow when the air conditioner is running, the following issues also indicate that you need to have an expert out to repair this marvelous machine:

  • It’s making a strange sound. – If there’s more than a gentle hum coming from your unit, it’s time to make the call. Don’t wait until it sounds like WWII!
  • The air coming in smells awful. – It should not smell like something has died or is on fire when your air conditioning unit is running.
  • There seems to be a leak around the unit itself. – Moisture around the unit could either mean a refrigerant leak or a clogged drain tube. A trained repair expert can quickly assess and amend the situation.
  • The air is cool, but it is merely trickling in. – Without enough force, even cool air can not overtake the muggy heat that has infiltrated your home.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your air conditioning unit, it’s time to call the experts at McKee Energy Solutions.

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