The temperatures are on the rise and people are reaching for the thermostats on their air conditioning unit. We get calls every year from concerned customers because their air conditioner is not cooling their home.  We are always available to help, but there are some things you can check and correct yourself.  Let’s take a look at some common issues that are easily fixed.

The air is coming from the vents, but it is not cool.

  1. Check the thermostat

Set the thermostat for a temperature, 5 degrees below the temperature in the home.

The air condition setting is “cool” not “heat” or “off”. 

The fan setting is “automatic”. If the fan setting is “on” it will blow (warm) air when the air conditioner is not on.

2. Check the filter

Is the filter clean, allowing air to move freely?

Is the filter case clean?

3. Check the outdoor unit (condensing unit). 

Are there bushes or weeds blocking the unit?

Is the unit dirty and clogged?

If so, clear the debris away from the unit and hose the unit down.

The air conditioner is not coming on at all.

1. Check the thermostat. The unit is setting is “cool” (not changed to the off position).

2. Check the power coming to the unit.  The breakers are not flipped to the “off” position.  (Note: if the breakers are flipping on your air conditioner, you can reset them to make the unit come on, but the system needs a service check to determine why this is happening.)

3. Check the filters

If a filter is extremely dirty, it could stop airflow and cause the system to freeze up. Turn the unit off, change the filters, clean the filter box. When ice has melted, turn the unit back on.

These are common issues that happen all the time. We suggest you check these things before calling.  If these tips do not solve the problem, call us today and we will have a qualified technician will assist you.