Heating System Maintenance to Ensure Whole Home Comfort Year Round

In order to keep your heating system running efficiently during the winter season, it is important to properly maintain each intricate HVAC system. For many of use, the most we think to check are air filters and vent condition. But the truth of the matter is, other HVAC systems within your home can break down due to time and amount of use. When considering heating repair in Rhode Island, always contact a professional to carry out your yearly HVAC system maintenance.

3 Key Points of Heating System Maintenance 

  • Ductwork Check & Repair: Ductwork runs through your home to both pulling clean air for heating and deliver heat throughout your home. If duct systems are leaking due to cracks or holes in piping or seals, your heating system will not work at top efficiency levels. In addition, if sealing points or joints are kinked, this can cause the system to work harder and run longer – increasing your utility costs significantly.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Air Filters come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Buying and installing the correct air filter for your needs is important to your home air quality. Today’s filters are available in both washable and disposable styles. Pleating and pleat material can effect what type of contaminants are removed from the circulating air. Some filters remove everything from aerosol fumes to pet dander, others are specifically designed to trap harmful allergens.
  • Insulation Check: Insulation keeps humid, cold air outside and warm comfortable air inside the home. Proper insulation can make a world of difference in how well your home is heated, how long it takes to heat, and how well in maintains heat. Insulation condition can greatly effect your home’s comfort level and your utility bill each month.

If your HVAC system is in need of repair our routine maintenance in Rhode Island, we recommend you contact McKee Energy Solutions. The McKee family has proudly served Rhode Island with the highest quality service since the early 1900s.