Ductless Split Systems Vs. Window A/C Units

Ductless Split Systems are revolutionizing the HVAC industry. Homeowners who never before thought they could enjoy the benefits of a permanent A/C unit are making the switch the ductless split A/C systems. Though window air conditioners have long been the standard, ductless style A/Cs are swiftly becoming the number one choice for homes without central air.

Window air conditioning units are currently the most popular type of A/C unit. Yet this is not due to their efficiency, ease of use, or ability to cool the home. The most annoying part of using these types of air conditioners is that they must be placed in a window which obstructs your view of the outside. In addition, their bulky design does not allow for versatility of use. They must be placed in area of the home which you think will be the most likely to spread the cool air throughout.

Ductless Split Systems solve the problems window units pose. They are cheaper and easier to install than a central air system and they are more versatile and efficient than window A/C units. The zoned design of the ductless units allows them to be installed where they are needed most; on an interior or exterior wall. Some units can even be used as a two room network, giving you the best case scenario for whole home comfort.

In addition to their versatility, ductless units are easy to use and are much quieter running than window units. Many systems are outfitted with a remote control so they can be operated and settings can be changed from just about anywhere in the near vicinity of the unit. Ductless split A/C units do not require the use of ductwork, making them easier and more cost efficient to install than a central air system.

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