Does Your Central Air Conditioning System Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired Before The Warm Weather Arrives?

Like every other appliance or device you have in your home, your central air conditioner ages and it will have a lifespan. For some appliances and devices, you can easily tell when something is not right. On the other hand, it may not be so easy to recognize when something is wrong with certain appliances and devices.

There will come a time when your central air conditioning system will need to be replaced or repaired. Your air conditioner can stop working because of its age or it may need to be replaced because you are due for an upgrade. Whatever the reasons may be, you should always be aware of signs that are warning you it is time to invest in a central air conditioning upgrade or repair.

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner? 

You depend on your air conditioning system to cool your home during the warm and really hot months. Some of the maintenance issues can be resolved by calling a professional repair person to fix the problems. However, there are some problems that may not be able to be repaired, and you may need to have your system replaced. Here are some signs that can be indications that it is time for another system.

How Much Have You Spent On Repairs?

As with any kind of device or appliance, repairs are expected. However, if you are constantly spending money on repairs, it may be time to put that money towards a new system. Constantly paying for repairs will add up to large sums of money; and if your system continuously breaks even after the repairs, it may be time to look for a new air conditioning system.

How Old Is It?

Typically, air conditioning systems can last up to ten to fifteen years and still provide effective cooling. If you have had your air conditioning system for this long or longer, then you may need to consider having it replaced before the warm and hot weather sneaks upon you. When you look for a new system, you may want to consider a system that is energy-efficient. You can look for the Energy Star label.


If you are constantly hearing strange noises from your air conditioning when it is running, you can have a problem with the duct system. You may also have a clogged indoor coil. If you have issues with any of these parts, your air conditioner will not work the way it should. This means you should strongly consider having it replaced.

As a homeowner, you want your home appliances to last for a lifetime. When you know the signs of problems, you can have them repaired or replaced in time. Before the warm weather gets here, you should be sure your central air conditioning system is ready to go. Contact us for more help on determining when you may need to replace your air conditioning system.