Central Air Conditioning: Winter Tips to Saving Money and Energy

Can You Really Save Money in the Winter?

The truth is, you can! It’s actually quite easy, even with the freezing weather. The winter is a tough time of the year for your central air conditioning system, having to heat the whole house. What many people don’t know is that there are a lot of opportunities to save. You just have to know how. Here are a few tips on saving money and energy this winter!


DIY Winter Savings Tips

With winter being filled with a number of holidays, it never hurts to save some extra cash where you can! The trick is to know what areas of your HVAC system can help you conserve your energy and money.

  • Crank that thermostat back to 68°! Dropping your thermostat down just 5° when you are away or sleeping can save you well over $75 a year.
  • Pull back those curtains! Letting the rays in the windows that get direct sunlight can save big bucks on your energy bill. Why pay for what nature will give you for free!
  • Don’t let the cold in! Leave windows that aren’t receiving direct sunlight covered with curtains, this saves up to 15% of your heat that would have escaped otherwise.
  • Replace filter regularly! Don’t over work your system with dirty old filters, this will only increase your spending by 5% in the winter months.

Big Winter Money Savers

There is some DIY winter saving opportunities, but the real savers come with a little friendly help! Here are some big money-saving options that you have available to you.

  • Programmable thermostat magic! Lowering your thermostat when you leave can make a big difference, if you actually remember to do it. Programmable thermostats do that remembering for you, at the settings you prefer.
  • Weatherize your house! Have a professional take a look at your home to seal every crack and crevice for ideal efficiency.
  • Insulation is key! The best places for insulation are in basements, attics and crawl spaces. Insulation and weatherizing your home can save up to 20% of your heat from escaping!
  • Stay Up-to-Date on Maintenance! There is no maintenance like preventative maintenance, make sure your system is working before the cold weather arrives. (Saves on a lot of stress too!)

Winter is surprisingly a great time to save on energy and money. Don’t let the winter months rob your bank account, contact the caring professionals at McKee Energy Solutions and find out how much you can save!