We depend on our HVAC system to maintain a certain standard of living for our family. We expect a certain comfort level in our homes. Summer temperatures cause discomfort and we think nothing of reaching for the thermostat to adjust the climate in our homes.  We may (or may not) change the filter before we press the “cool” button, but we give it little thought otherwise.

Most of us take better care of our automobiles than we do our HVAC system. We would never consider parking our car in the garage, leaving it untouched for an entire year, then cranking it up for a three-month road trip without so much as a tune-up.  But we do that every year to our heating and cooling machinery.

No matter what type of HVAC system we have, it has some basic similarities. It takes in warm air, passes it over equipment which cools it, and distributes the cool air back into your home.  In that process, many small things can go amiss.  Parts can wear, get dirty, clog and malfunction. Identifying these issues before the HVAC system is running around the clock, ensures they will remain small and usually require only minor repair.  However, if these issues are not addressed, they will get worse. They often cause other parts to strain, which can have a domino effect that often leads to system failure.

Most of us work during the day and are only home during the cooler spring evenings.  This means when the HVAC system is struggling, and showing signs of disrepair, we are not there to see it. Inevitably, when we are home for a weekend or a holiday and we have our system running at maximum is when it will fail. This leads to frantically calling for a service call outside of business hours, sometimes incurring overtime expenses.

So much of this is unnecessary.  By having a scheduled tune-up; you establish a relationship with your HVAC service company.  They verify that your system is in good repair, clean, and operating at maximum performance levels. If there is an issue, it allows you time to schedule the repair at your convenience. This reduces the stress on your family and on your system. You save emergency expense rates and your HVAC system runs more efficiently.

Just as you would not take your car on a road trip without a tune-up, don’t take your HVAC system on a summer journey without having a tune-up! Call McKee Energy Solutions today.