You expect your air conditioning to run smoothly throughout the warm season. As long as you keep up on regular maintenance, including changing your air filter once a month, there’s a good chance you’ll have no problems. 

But there’s more to regular maintenance than just a monthly filter change. Yes, a clean filter helps to optimize airflow, it’s equally important to have a clean condenser coil. We’ll explain.

The Condenser Coil’s Job

The outside cabinet of your air conditioning unit houses the condenser coil. It’s a set of coils where the refrigerant moves through. The refrigerant changes from gas to liquid (condensing). By doing so, it releases the heat.

From there, the refrigerant moves on to pulling in more heat from your indoor air, repeating the process. This is the purpose of your unit: to pull heat from your home and release it outside.

The Importance of a Clean Condenser Coil

Your condenser coil should be clean in order to properly dissipate the heat on and off of it and back out into the air. A lot of dirt can build up on the coil over time, causing the coil to not function as it should.

You may be able to clean the coil on your own from time to time by simply using a hose. However, in order to ensure the coil is clean and working properly, you should call on the experts in air conditioning repairs. Not only will our experienced team clean the condenser coils, but perform other maintenance jobs to ensure your unit is running properly and efficiently. To schedule a service call, contact us today.