5 Maintenance Must Haves for Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

Cooling consumes almost a third of your home’s energy. Unfortunately, it is something we need to have. Central air conditioning helps to keep your Rhode Island home comfortable and evenly cooled. To keep it this way, you need to have your unit properly maintained so you can conserve energy and prevent costly repairs. Below are some key maintenance must haves to keep your cooling system running efficiently.


In order to have proper airflow to your coils, your condenser coils should be cleared of any debris. Having the inside of your condensing unit cleared of any twigs, leaves, pollen, grass or other forms of debris is a good idea. These types of things can get stuck in the aluminum fins which surround the coils.

Condenser coil

Your condenser coil of your central air conditioning unit should be vacuumed out. Since there is electrical equipment and a motor to think of, cleaning with water should be avoided. There are several fins on your condenser coil which need to stay straight. A fin comb can be used for this which will help keep the fins aligned.

Freon Levels

Freon does not normally need to be replaced in air conditioners, however, during a routine maintenance, it is still a good idea to have your unit inspected for any leaks. Your unit will perform erratically if the freon levels are low, or worse, not at all. In addition to leaks, have your HVAC professional check the freon levels as well.

Annual Professional Cleaning & Inspection

A professional cleaning and maintenance visit should be preformed each year before the cooling season begins. During these visits, things like coils, blades and fan motor, control box, tubing and compressor and more will be checked. Also, your HVAC technician will inspect refrigerant levels and adjust if needed. They will also clean your unit.

New Equipment Installation

It is inevitable that at some time your unit will need to be replaced. A professional HVAC technician can tell you when it is time and will ensure installation is done properly. Having a new unit installed properly is important since if not done correctly, it can reduce the efficiency of your unit by up to 30%. This can shorten the life of your system and increase your utility bills.

Prevention is key. It only takes having your central air conditioning unit quit on you on a very hot day for you to really understand how important regular maintenance is.

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