Three Myths Three Simple Tips to Help Make Your Central Air Conditioning More Energy Efficient Central Air Conditioning Unmasked

With the Summer time just around the corner it’s time to cool things off with your air conditioner. But many people fail to do some simple tasks that can have their air conditioner running in an energy efficient manner. Here are three simple tips that you can use to help make your central air conditioning much more energy efficient. By just following these three points you can save money on your electric bill.

  • Change Your Filters RegularlyMost manufacturers suggest you replace your filters every 30 to 60 days. Some filters are designed to last longer and are also reusable so be sure to view the filters information on the packaging when purchasing. Although changing your filters every 60 days may be okay for some, there are conditions in which you’ll need to change the filters more often. Dusty, dry conditions around your home can cause the filters to clog much sooner than normal and should be monitored regularly.
  • Use a Digital ThermostatMost people are not home during the day so why is your air conditioner running? By installing a digital thermostat you can increase the temperature by a mere 5 degrees and make a huge difference on your energy bill. Also since the thermostat would be programmable you can also make the home comfortable again by the time you get home. Most digital thermostats allow you to set up the times and temperatures you want so once it’s programmed you’re all set to save money.
  • Have Your Unit Inspected Yearly Even when you think your unit is running at peak performance there may be problems that aren’t apparent to a home owner. Failing parts can sometimes damage the entire system if it’s not caught in time. You unit may also need service to work more efficiently as well including monitoring freon levels and preventative maintenance. You won’t be able to perform these services yourself but you can call professionals to do this for you.

If you need your air conditioner serviced, or you simply want the preventative maintenance that can make it more energy efficient, Check out McKee Energy Solutions and get started by visiting their Contact Us page.