The quality of the indoor air in a home can have a big effect on the health of those who live within the household. Those with allergies or breathing issues can be even more affected, but even those who don’t can suffer if there is a lot of dust, pollen, pet hair or other allergens in the home. Luckily, following these three air conditioning-related tips can help improve indoor air quality in a home.’

1. Have the Ducts Cleaned

Although a home’s duct work typically does not have to be cleaned too frequently, having it professionally done every few years can help get rid of dust, pet hair and other debris that might have ended up in the ducts. This can help prevent allergens from being blown throughout the home’s air conditioning system and can improve indoor air quality.

2. Change the Air Filter More Regularly

One cheap yet effective fix for improving indoor air quality — as well as for making the air conditioning unit run more efficiently — is to change the air filter more often. There are even air filters out there that are designed for use in homes where residents have allergies.

3. Have the System Inspected and Cleaned Each Year

At least once a year, homeowners should have their air conditioning units inspected, cleaned and maintained. This helps extend the life of the air conditioner, for one thing, but it can also help improve indoor air quality since it ensures that the air conditioner is clean and ready to do its job properly.

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