It is likely that you have begun to feel the harsh effects of winter. This makes it more important than ever that you keep an eye on your furnace so that you can have it repaired at the first signs of trouble; otherwise, you may be left with a broken furnace in the dead of winter. Here are a few of the signs you can look out for indicating problems with your furnace

You Smell Something Strange

A clear sign of trouble with your furnace is if you smell something strange while your furnace is running; however, the specific smell could help to indicate the problem. For instance, smelling a dusty, musty, moldy smell could indicate that your filter needs cleaning, or that your air ducts may need to be cleaned. However, a smokey, burning, or sulfur scent could indicate much more serious problems, and you will want to shut your furnace off as soon as possible and call for immediate repairs.

Weak Airflow

While it will be obvious that your furnace needs repairs if there is no warm air coming out of your furnace, you are also likely in trouble if the airflow from your furnace is weaker than it used to be. This generally indicates that there is a problem with your fan, motor, or belt which is causing your furnace to struggle to put out enough air to heat your home. You will want to have this problem addressed before your furnace shuts down altogether.

Your Furnace Frequently Cycles On and Off

Cycling is the term that refers to your furnace turning on and off frequently in rapid succession. When your furnace begins to cycle frequently, this not only leads to excessive energy consumption, but also, it can lead to unnecessary wear-and-tear on your system. There are several issues that could cause this to occur including problems with your thermostat that could be leading your furnace to get the wrong temperature reading in your home.

Knowing when your furnace is in need of repair can prevent headaches later this winter. Contact us to learn more about how you can tell if your furnace needs repairs, as well as to schedule maintenance.