Tackling these five simple tasks now, gives you a BIG head start on spring.

Tackling these steps early on leaves you plenty of worry-free time to enjoy the warm weather this year.


1st~ Tell Insects to Bug Off

Battle bugs before they bite or sting!  — May we suggest that you also check the attic for other hidden problems.


Early spring warmth awakens insects, so start preparing early to protect your home now. Seal openings in eaves, decks, and other vulnerable areas of home/ structures to keep out carpenter bees & other destructive pests.

Rid mosquitoes early on by eliminating any standing water or treating it with a natural larvicide. Call a Pest pro to destroy wasp and yellow jacket nests, unless you’re experienced enough to engage in a bee battle on your own. PLEASE ‘BEE’ CAREFUL`.

2nd~ Prep Lawn and Yard Tools

Get Ready FOLKS, start your mowers. April’s the month to get this important piece of equipment ready to MOW. A non-maintained mower can cost unnecessary future repairs, slow you down, and leave your lawn vulnerable to disease. So, before you pull the starter cord:

  • Replace spark plugs and check or repace air filter.
  • Change the oil and sharpen blades.
  • Fill the tank with fresh gasoline.
  • Tighten any loose parts/bolts.

While you’ve got your gloves on, clean, sharpen, and repair your garden/outdoor tools. When your shrubs are ready to prune, you’re not going to want to keep them waiting.

3RD~ Tune Up the Air Conditioner

With Flip-flop season also comes with another summer tradition: cranking up the A/C! We suggest Tuning -Up your Air Conditioning in April/May, well before the “A/C season” service calls rise with typical seasonal demand.


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4TH~ Check the Attic and Garage

How long has it been since you looked in the attic? Well us too ..a WHILE.

April’s a great time to inspect this most often-ignored space , well before it gets too hot. Look for signs of animal activity (raccoons love attics), and repair or replace damaged insulation or wiring.

Re-check that any stored items are still secure; re-tighten container lids and dust covers and replace moth repellents.

While we’re talking about storage, how’s the garage? If basketballs, bikes, holiday decorations have taken your vehicles prime parking space, regain control with a storage system. Your car (and your partner) will surely thank you.

#5 Clean Up Bird Feeders & Bird Baths

Besides spreading potential diseases to birds, neglected bird feeders attract rodents and may effect your homes curb appeal.

Give your bird feeders a deep clean — not just a rinse-out.

Empty them, take them apart, and wash with a safe solution that’s good for environment . Rinse well to remove all traces of bleach, air dry, and refill with your normal feed.

Clean under feeders well , as moldy or spoiled seed on the ground can make pets sick. Don’t forget the bird bath.