Tune-Ups And Gas ChecksKeep your heating systems healthy and running efficiently for when it matters most.
Heating systems operate for months on end and need regular maintenance just like your car. Regular maintenance keeps your equipment working at peak efficiency and gives our technicians a chance to catch minor wear and tear before it turns into major trouble down the road when it matters most.

Heating Oil Tune-Ups For Maximum Performance
A precision tune-up keeps your oil burner working efficiently, which can cut annual energy use by as much as 10%☘. It also ensures that your system is operating safely, which helps prevent hazardous levels of carbon monoxide. Plus, annual maintenance greatly extends the life of your equipment.

The best time to clean and tune-up your heating system is in the Spring, right after the heating season or Fall right before you need it most. This is the time when soot and residue is still soft and easier to remove, allowing for a better cleaning. A properly maintained system increases fuel efficiency and helps extend the life of the unit.
During your oil tune-up we will clean your boiler or furnace, change the nozzle, replace the oil filter, pump strainer and air filter if required, test your system’s efficiency, and make suggestions to improve it, and we also test your oil tank to see if it qualifies for our TankSure program.

Even if you get your system tuned up three months before the heating season, it will still be in top condition and ready to go when turn it back on.

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Propane Gas Checks for Safety and Greater Efficiency
Keep your gas system and appliances functioning at their best with an annual Gas Check. During a Gas Check a certified technician will clean and pressure test your entire system. We will also check all valves, controls and exhaust vents in addition to checking the propane tank and regulators. This will ensure that your propane-fired equipment is functioning at optimum efficiency, and that your piping is up to code and leak free. Other propane equipment we can check are your water heater, fireplace, dryer, range, gas lines, and pool heater.

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