Understanding the Natural Gas Heat Option

Since we’re in the Northeastern United States, there are those of us that prefer oil heat and those of us that prefer gas heat. Oil heat is much more common in this part of the country than in any other. However, both types of heat have their benefits.

The main benefit oil heat has over gas is safety by perception and by nature, and comfort by perception. Many people feel that oil heat is safer, cleaner burning and warmer. In reality, there is no danger of oil heat exploding, and unlike natural gas heat, (that’s toxic if it starts to leak); oil is not toxic.

However, gas heat does have many benefits for the consumer and a long reputation for keeping families warm and happy. If you’re building a new home and you’re leaning towards natural gas heat; or your local utility company has run a new gas line in your neighborhood and you’re thinking about switching, here are several reasons:


Hands down, the main benefit natural gas has over oil is that it is way cheaper. The US Energy Information Administration predicts that the average customer will pay $679 for gas heat from October 2013 to March 2014 and $2,046 for oil heat during the same period. That is a significant difference.

In these trying economic times, saving almost $1500 on heating costs can make a huge difference. You must also consider though that gas furnaces cost more than oil furnaces to install. However, once installed, they are remarkably cheaper. Oil burning furnaces cost less going in but need more maintenance over the long-term.

Long-Term Availability

When it comes to oil, the US is dependent on foreign sources to get it. This is one reason it’s more expensive. In addition, oil prices are volatile and subject to rise based on our demand for its supply. Gas, however, comes from domestic sources. In addition, according to industry experts, there is a rich supply of natural gas and there might be even more new sources in Pennsylvania and New York in the coming years.


Most people with oil heat have homes that were just built that way. By far, gas heat is the most common in the country. Because of this, gas heat has a time-honored reputation for keeping us warm in the United States. As long as families are careful to call for help when they smell gas, most people have had good experiences with it.

Gas is a great way to keep your home warm and keep costs down. To learn more, or to have your heating system upgraded or repaired, contact us anytime!