With the Spring and Summer seasons in our near future, now is a good time to schedule an oil delivery to fill your tank. While forgetting about the oil level once the winter months are behind us is a relatively common occurrence, the truth is that there are some important reasons to keep the tank topped off during warmer weather. Consider the following significant benefits:

No impurities infiltrating the fuel lines: Letting the oil tank run low can wreak havoc on the heating system because the bottom of the tank can be a gathering place for sediment-based impurities, especially if you have an older tank. When oil levels dip low, sludge can clog the oil feed line, blocking the flow of fuel. Keeping the oil tank full prevents excessive interaction with the bottom of the tank, which keeps the oil flowing efficiently through your system.  

No condensation infiltrating the tank: During humid warm weather, a partially full oil tank can become a gathering place for water-based condensation on the tank’s interior. This potentially serious problem cannot be ignored due to the danger of water getting drawn into the fuel line and damaging the heating system. The simplest and best prevention measure against such an issue is to keep the oil tank topped off.

No worries: While it seems to be a common trait of human nature to wait until the tank is almost empty to fill it, the best way to ensure that the oil never again runs out is to consistently keep it full. A full tank provides the security of knowing that the risk of unforeseen home heating challenges has been minimized in your home. Just knowing that there is always enough heating fuel in the tank for daily household necessities can provide peace of mind.

If your oil tank isn’t full today, contact us right away to schedule a delivery. The benefits are well worth it.