Commercial or residential duct work cleaning for HVAC units is a good way to prevent future issues with allergens, mold and excess moisture.  This simple line of defense is also inexpensive for property owners seeking indoor air quality services.  For example, some types of duct work are attached to floor vents, and this style of HVAC can be problematic when it comes to collecting dust, mold, moisture or allergens.  Thankfully, the solution is regularly scheduled maintenance from HVAC specialists.

Detecting microbes and allergens from your HVAC unit

In addition to offering standard air duct work cleaning with professional tools, we also have detection services we can employ to see if you have a current microbe infestation in your vents or ducts. The detection services only take minutes, and the results are usually immediate.  For this reason, when we find microbes in your HVAC duct work, we can also recommend long-term solutions for allergy sufferers that involve upgrading your current HVAC system.

Giving you the preventative edge you need

On top of cleanup, we are also specialists at preventing future issues. For instance, if mold is removed from HVAC units, humidity-reducing equipment might be a way to prevent future duct work infestations.  Air handlers or attic fans may be an effective solution that ensures mold is not building up in under-cooled areas of a home or office.  Filters can be easily installed to remove more of the harmful particles in the air that cause allergies.

Call us to restore the health of your home or office

We can help reduce the allergens in your home with regular HVAC air duct cleaning, and we also work to keep dangerous black mold from growing within your property.  For related to your air ducts, call us today at McKee Brothers in Rhode Island. Our team of contractors are always happy to give you the high-end services you need at a price you will respect.