Are You in Need of Heating Repair? Welcome to January in Rhode Island

It was late summer when we finished boxing up the last of our belongings to head out on a new adventure. Leaving New Mexico was hard, but the company wanted someone from manufacturing to get involved with the sales to bring some technical expertise back to the department.

So, we moved all the way across the country to Rhode Island. My new office was in Providence, but we found a nice old house in Lincoln that was too good to pass up. This leaves a bit of a commute, but nothing extraordinary.

Lincoln was beautiful in the fall, we found some great bike trails, and discovered some wonderful restaurants that are right on the water. Something wasn’t quite right with the house though. On a couple of the colder nights the house got very cold, much colder than it should. The heat was coming on, and the air was warm-ish, but it could not keep up. It was still October, how are we going to deal with December?

One of my neighbors was a bit of a gearhead. I figured if he’s good with a wrench maybe he can shed some light on my heating issues. He was able to get about as far as me, essentially deducing that, “Yep, this isn’t working right.” He did have a suggestion though, “Call McKee, whatever this issue is, they can fix it for you.”

McKee Energy Solutions came out to the house and pretty much told me what I already knew, the 50 year old heating system in this house had seen better days and it was time to decide on a new direction. After talking it over with the guys at McKee, and doing some reading on my own, I decided on a new system using an oil fired boiler. Heating oil systems are one of McKee’s specialties and they deliver the heating oil as well. I liked the idea of my heat being ‘off the grid’ so to speak.

When that first 20 degree day hit us in early December I spent way more time thinking about heating repair than I should. I was thinking about McKee Energy Solutions, wondering if I’d ever have the chance to do for someone else what my neighbor did for me.

If you find yourself having to wear a sweat suit to bed just to be comfortable, call McKee. They have been serving Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts for over a 100 years. You can contact us at (401)723-1100.